10 Questons To Ask Your Photographer & WHY To Ask them

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 10 Questions you should ask your photographer and reasons why you should ask them

There are a MILLION posts out there about questions you should ask your wedding photographer but they never tell you WHY you would ask them this and what is beneficial to know…

These are the 10 questions I always get asked and questions I answer without my clients ever thinking of them. I believe these 10 questions will help you make a decision that day if you want to hire that photographer or not.

  1. What is all included in that price?
    1. If your photographer does not list out what is all included in their price you must ask them so you know exactly what you are paying for!

Examples; Engagement shoot included in price? Amount of coverage time? What happens if we go over it? Your photographer should go into DEPTH about this even if you haven’t paid them yet.

  1.  How many photos do they edit? And what edits do they do? Can you get more edits than what they do?
    1. Why? If you have a photographer who only edits 25-100 total wedding photos OF THEIR CHOOSING and will not do any more unless paid X-amount per photo, this is not favorable to you and your money spent. Photographers will always edit what they want to but that doesn’t mean you are particularly in LOVE with that photo and there is a photo you just LOVE and you want the colors brighten or it turned in B&W. This shouldn’t be a problem for photographers… they are quick editors and a few photos shouldn’t take them more than 10 minutes for 5-10 new photos to be edited. You should ask them what type of editing they do, this is important because there are photographers out there who change what you look like… they will remove dimples, freckles, things that make you YOU. Some people love that photographers remove your facial attributes but most people don’t want their facial attributes changed or altered on photoshop… I have heard too many clients tell me their sister or friend got their wedding photos back and their face looks so “perfect” it didn’t look anything like them. Ask if they do B&W, antique and have them show you EXAMPLES IN PERSON so you can see what a print looks like. If they have prints in person, that is awesome that means they are paying the money to be more professional!
  2. How many years have you been shooting weddings? How many weddings have you been the lead photographer? How many weddings have you been the second shooter?
    1. You want a photographer who has been the lead photographer at least 10 times. This is super important because they have ran the show & know how to handle any situation a wedding throws at them. If they have only been a second shooter for their entire wedding career this means that they do not even edit their own photos. The lead photographer more than likely does. They might not have the programs to do proper editing. They also may not have any experience of taking control of the situation due to the fact they are always directed by their lead photographer.
  3. Ask about their background…
    1. Why? Because you need to know your photographer a little more… You are technically doing a job interview and you’re the BOSS… Never thought about it like that before until now huh? Just get to know them a little more, you will usually find something in common that makes you click with them even more!
  1. Have they been to so-and-so venue or church?
    1. Why? Because if they have been there before they are aware of lighting and great places to take photos. If not DON’T WORRY photographers are good about scouting out locations prior to a wedding or they show up early to your event & start getting lighting & getting familiar with the location. Do not expect to much of this out of photographer who is traveling hundreds of miles away. If you want them to see what the location looks like provide them photos with the locations so they know! Or send them websites of the ceremony location & venue location IF the websites have detailed photos.
  2. Have they done a wedding of your religion?
    1. This is Important because if you are having a Christian wedding then they are allowed on the altar and can create amazing pictures from in-front of you. Catholic wedding? There are more rules for a catholic wedding than most religions and they need to know the rules. NUBMER ONE RULE: DO NOT GO ON ALTAR! You will be yelled at… lol. NO I haven’t made this mistake I just know it is a big NO NO. Also for catholic weddings there is MORE traditions they need to know what you take pictures of.. ie: Rose to Mary, Peace be with you, etc.
  3. What other vendors do you know? Or who have you worked with?
    1. I always give my clients a preferred vendor list in the KC area. These are people I have worked with before & I liked the way they handled their job. Or these are vendors I used at my own wedding & I am super impressed with!
  4. How does your engagement session go? How many outfits? Time limit? How many places can we go? Can we go to (your location)?
    1. Engagement pictures are the first time you have your hired photographer taking photos of you and your soon-to-be spouse! This session tells you exactly how they are going to be on your wedding day. You need to ask how many outfits so you can be prepared on how many you allowed up to (always bring extra outfits btw!!) Location is important because if you are having a country theme wedding you probably want photos out in the country and they need to work with you! Are you having a downtown wedding? You will probably want pictures downtown with a “city” feel. Your photographer should be VERY flexible with you ALWAYS especially the engagement photos. Time limit is important because if you are only paying for an hour but want to go to three different locations and five different outfits you need to make sure you have time for that. I usually do all my engagement photo shoots 2.5 hours before sun down because they are the best time of the day (besides dawn) to take photos! Warm rich colors, the calm before the end of the day. It makes for such a romantic time and amazing pictures!
  5. Do you have ideas for our engagement shoot? This is what we want to do…..
    1. This is almost more important than asking about prices and what it includes. This tells you if your photographer is creative and can go with the flow and they can create amazing pictures in seconds without needing to use “references” and your pictures are different from other weddings they have shoot. There will be no second they don’t shoot something or do something “crazy” to make that pictures have a WOW factor.

Example of ideas I have created for couples on first consolation… They were having their wedding invitations as baseball tickets and wanted to do something baseball themed and their idea was Jersey’s with their wedding date (pictures to come of this photo shoot by the end of September) on the back of them. I suggested we need to go to a baseball field, contact someone to turn the score board on for us and then type out their names with their wedding date and take a picture with them and the score board in the background.


  1. What happens if you become ill that day? What happens if you lose any pictures from malfunction of equipment?
    1. Seriously ask these questions it is scary to ask because everyone wants to believe your photographer will be healthy and ready to go day of and they won’t lose any photos… But life happens… people get sick and photos DO get lost. I know my plan is: I WILL be at your wedding no matter what UNLESS I am in the ER because of something day of. I also have a system throughout the entire day to ensure your photos are safe. Ask your photographer what their backup plan is if something does go wrong & what they do to prevent lose of photos!
    2. You should hear them say we back them up at least twice a day. & you should hear they will show up even if they are sick if they are the lead photographer


I hope this helps you in picking out your photographer for your wedding day!

If you have any questions about my services or want me to answer these questions call me at 785.443.5910 or email me at breezyphotography@outlook.com 



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