What are you paying you photographer for?

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What are you paying your photographer for?

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful week and ready to enjoy the weekend!!

I want to start out this blog with I know the title sounds like one of those “your photographer does more than what you see, your photographer has a hard job, your photographer makes only X-amount of what you actually pay them” blogs. I hate those blogs.. Those are negative ways to see your photographer and see what YOUR investment is.

Yes photographers do more than what you see… but guess what that is part of our job! And I love the behind the scenes... I REALLY do! A photographer’s job is “hard” we spend 10+ hours just photographing a wedding and on our feet all day. BUT I love being at your wedding for 10+ hours!!! That is MY job and I LOVE MY job!! I don’t even want to get into the tax that photographers pay because it doesn’t matter. We all set our prices to pay our bills and make a profit to pay bills and feed our children and that is how the  REST of the world works....

But I am here to share with you what I do behind the scenes for each and every client. People are curios and they do ask me what I do when I am not shooting or going to meetings.

I market A LOT…. LIKE A LOT!

If I am not editing photos or going to meetings with clients I am marketing. It is the way YOU found me and the way you found this blog you are reading right now. I market on Face Book, The Knot, Wedding Wire, and public marketing. Yeah, you are not really paying me for this but this is part of my job. I can’t just sit and hope someone finds me and I get a notification on my phone that someone wants to hire… That would be the dream but that is not how my job works.

I also scout out locations to give you amazing places to take photos!

After your photo shoot (anything but weddings) I spend about a total of 2- 6 hours editing photos and posting them all over the web to promote myself and show off your amazing photos! Weddings however take a little longer  to edit.

I research about photography all the time. I can never stop learning about my job. Which everyone should always want to improve their passions and jobs.

But to sum it all up, you are paying me to keep my passion, hobby, and love going. And I thank you for that!

Because of you I get to do my dream and I get to meet people like you everyday!



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