Questions commonly asked about wedding photography

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Questions commonly asked about Wedding Photography

How many weddings have you done?

In 4 years I have had 25 Weddings,  30 Engagements, & 200+ Family shoots. 

How long have you been photographing?

I have been doing photography for 5 years.

How do you describe your style of photography? 

My photography style is real & natural. I aim for REAL smiles & REAL laughs. I want you to see the absolute best part of yourself. 

Do you edit all photos? 

I do edit all your wedding & engagement photos. It will take 1-2 weeks to get engagement photos back & 4-6 weeks to get your wedding photos back. 

Do we get to see all the photos you take? 

No you do not see all the photos I take, this is a GOOD thing because I delete all the bad photos out before I even start editing them. By "bad" photos I mean the blurry ones, the unflattering ones, the 45 duplicates of you putting lipstick on. You will only see the BEST photos of you and your loved ones. 

How many photos do we get for engagement photos and wedding photos?

You will see about 50-100 engagement photos for the  the amount of photos change according to what you want to do. If you are a couple that wants five different outfits and three locations you will be getting more to 80-100 photos if you are a couple that wants a couple outfits and we stay at one location you are looking at 30-50 photos.  The amount of time you are wanting to spend taking photos will also alter the amount given to you. 

Wedding photos are usually around 500-700; the minimum amount of wedding photos will always be 300. The maximum can be up to 1000. This ranges due to amount of decorations, the amount of activities you have going on and how long your wedding day is. If you purchase the largest wedding package  you will see around 700-800 but if you are only having me for minimum about of time you will see 200-400 photos. 

Have you shoot at so-and-so location?

I am new the Kansas City areas and I have not shoot at many locations. BUT I will scout out the location prior to the shoot. I will look for other places to take photos near your ceremony, venue, or salon you are getting ready at. Not knowing the location the first time you ask will not affect my ability as a photographer because I will be showing up prepared on your wedding day!

What are you printing prices and what products do you offer?

Email me to receive the PDF file on print prices. I offer prints from mini wallets up to 30x45 size. I have albums, photo books, leather albums, metal prints, glass prints, coffee mugs, playing cards, wall posters, coasters, aprons, calendars, dry erase boards. The full list will come with your PDF file.

Do you have any ideas for us?

Yes, once we have gone over your dream wedding and ideas I will lay out my ideas for your wonderful day! 

Is that price for a second shooter included?

If the package has a second shooter it will be in the description of the package

Have you done a Catholic, Christian, etc wedding? 

I have done Christian, Catholic, Non-traditional, Baptist, Presbyterian weddings. 

If we do not want to do the engagement shoot how much of a difference is that from the package? 

The engagement shoot is complimentary, there is not hidden fee in the wedding package. I offer this because the engagement shoot will be the first time you & I will work together and I will know what you guys are comfortable with in photos. You will also know after the shoot what to expect from me on the wedding day so when you show up that day you are 100% confident in the photos I will be producing for you.

Can we add 1.5 more hours to our wedding package instead of the engagement shoot? 

You can not substitute more hours to void out the engagement shoot. The engagement shoot is literally free. 

Are we responsible for your equipment if one of our guests breaks it? 

If your guest intentionally breaks my camera(s), or spills a drink on my camera bag, or camera you are responsible for all costs to replace the same equipment. I have never had this happen before for I am always careful where I walk, who I am walking by, and I never take off my camera bag. 

We have a videographer is that okay? 

Yes that is perfect okay! 



Please call Ashley Ice at 785-443-5910 if you have more questions



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