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Thanks for stopping by to read all the juicy details about engagement photos… it’s going to be a blast!


Step one:  Pick your location.

When picking your location for your engagement photos pick places you will not be going to during your wedding day. You want your engagement photos to reflect your relationship and what you are comfortable with. If you are getting married in downtown KCMO then let’s go to the Plaza, Loose Park & West Bottoms. Maybe you are big coffee drinkers? Maybe you are into baseball? These are things you & your fiancé can talk about & I will be talking to you about this from the beginning. 

Step two: Outfits

Oh the clothes… it is so hard picking out clothes that you have to look back in pictures for the rest of your lives. DO NOT let that scare you! Fashion now may not be what is in style in a 5-20 years which is OKAY.  I have suggestions for all types of people that work out in your favor & your photos will always be “in style” ;)

Shirts: No name brands scrawled across the shirt, this is a copy right issue so this is a big no-no in the photo shoots. Team shirts are okay though! These are perfect for couples who went to college &/or high school together. These make for some quick, easy shot, fun photos! Avoid large stripes, polka dots, or animal print. Plain & simple is always best. Men, any button up or polo shirt you have will be perfect! If you never plan on changing jeans pick shirts that match your pants through your entire shoot.

Examples of how couples have used shirts to show their relationship:

Shorts: Ladies- Avoid shorts for engagement photo unless they are business causal shorts & you are wearing a cute pump or wedge with them. Jean shorts tend to dress down the entire look of your engagement shoot.
Guys- NO athletic shorts. This is again like the jean shorts for girls, it dresses down your engagement shoot which in most cases is not the look people are going for. You can go for a nice khaki short, golf style short, black short. Again no jean shorts for men either.

Examples below on when shorts worked out to make amazing photos:

Pants: any type of pant works for this, slacks, jeans, colorful skinny jeans. Again avoid any print (animal, polka dot, lines).

Dresses: Ladies dresses are your friend at engagement shoot! They are perfect for any location you have envisioned for your engagement photos. Avoid cocktail dresses at park & urban locations. Cocktail dresses are perfect for a downtown area or Plaza area. You can be over dressed on accident :] Just coordinate with me prior to if you have questions.


Shoes: Shoes are actually important; they are seen in the photos. I always ask my clients to avoid wearing tennis shoes (yes even those $400 Jordan’s). Tennis shoes are acceptable if you are doing a team shirt OR if it has something to do with your relationship. Tennis shoes will dress down your entire look even if you have a button-up shirt on unfortunately. Ladies, heels are perfect to add to any outfit. If you only want two outfits, just grab a pair of heels & throw them on, it will change the look of your outfit completely. Ladies anything for shoes is acceptable expect tennis shoes :]


Scarves/hats: anything is fine! Just pick colors that will match the entire outfit & his!

Coats: When it is chilly out you are going to want to wear a coat, but if the weather is bearable for a few minutes we will need to ditch that coat. Sometimes in the spring even though the buds are popping out it is still really cold but we need your photos to look like it is warm & springy out. During the winter and it is snowing avoid a white coat. You will blend in with the snow & you want to stick out. Black is always a great go to & then a bright scarf is amazing.

Speaking of weather & pretending its warm out when it is cold. This happens in the fall to. It will be VERY warm out but we are needing the idea that the air is starting to get crisp. You will need to put that scarf, boots, long sleeve shirt on anyways to create that amazing fall look.

These sweet couples had a very cold days for their spring engagement sessions but they stuck through it!

These sweet couples had a very  warm days for their fall/winter engagement sessions but they stuck through it!


Step Three:: HAVE FUN! This is the most important part! Engagement photos are probably the first time you two have taken professional photos together so let your goofy selves out! Laugh, play, flirt & kiss a lot. These are once in a lifetime photo shoot that will forever be remembered.


What to expect during your shoot

Posing, posing, posing & some more posing! LOL. I am serious though, you will be posed to often it will feel like “oh am I not posing right?” not at all! Your normal mannerisms are just fine! I am just tweaking them slightly to be more flattering.

You will be put in positions that feel odd or uncomfortable… this is for the perfect photo. BUT if you really hate what you feel like at that moment TELL ME. I need to know because you will look back on those photos & remember how uncomfortable you were in that pose.

You will kiss A LOT. If you are not PDA people tell me in the beginning because there are other types of kissing we can use instead of mouth on mouth! :] …oh and I don’t need you to make out. Just a few second kiss on the lips & holding it works perfectly! ;)

Some poses will feel similar & they might be the exact same pose you did 30 minutes ago but I am getting a different angle at a different location with that pose. :]

Sometimes you will hear me click the camera 5,000,000 times.. no you will not see all those photos I am  taking that many photos so I will have 1 or 2 of the 5,000,000 photos that is perfect to share with you.

Options… Options are my best friend & I make them your best friend. I almost always give you a horizontal & vertical image of every pose UNLESS it only looks good in one angle.

Trusting me… this is so important, you wouldn’t of hired me if you didn’t trust I would deliver you amazing photos so please trust me BUT voice your concerns or questions during the shoot.

Want to know what amount of locations & outfits would be perfect for you, look below. I listed out what works best for locations & outfits with the time of your shoot.

30 minute session: 1 outfit 1 location

1 hour session: 2 outfits 1-2 locations

1.5 hour session 2-3 outfits 2 locations

2 hour session 2-4 outfits 2-3 locations

Depending of you & your fiancé we could spend 10 minutes at one spot or we could spend 45 minutes at one location. These are all things you & I can talk about prior to.


If you have any more questions or concerns please contact me! <3


Please click me to print off the engagement photo check list