This contract will be sent to you via email and you will E-Sign it. 

When the contract is sent to you you have 24 hours to sign it before your date and time is canceled



Family Photography Contract

Photo shoot  date: __________________________

Names and ages if under the age of 18yr please.

____________________________       ____________________________

____________________________       ____________________________

Phone #1 ____________________________          Phone #2 ______________________________

Email  __________________________________________

Photo shooting time:  _______

Family photo shoot location: Frontier Park In Hays Kansas located on the corner of Main & 1st street.  Drive over the large cement hill.

A non-refundable deposit of _____________ required to reserve my services for your photo Family date _________________ If the parties for any reason cancel due to break up, change of date, or any other reason Ashley Heier is not required to returned deposit.

The remaining balance of your package ________________________  is due on the family photo shoot date _____________________

If Ashley Heier is unable to perform to this contract due to any cause beyond the control of the parties Ashley Heier shall have no further liability with respect to this agreement. If Ashley Heier is unable to perform to the obligations in this contract in the event of photographer’s illness or for any other reason, Ashley Heier will not be liable for costs in excess of the amount the client has paid. This limitation of liability will also apply in the event that the high resolution digital files are lost through camera malfunction, damaged in processing, or otherwise damaged or lost with or without fault of the photographer Ashley Heier. While every attempt is made to create the best images possible, no particular photo is guaranteed. The client will not obtain all rights to the digital files but they may be used or personal use only (printing) once flash drive is paid for, and clients may not sell or published (in a book, online, or any other publishing ways) without the written consent of Ashley Heier. All rights to images created by Ashley Heier will remain with the photographer. Ashley Heier reserves the right to display any photographs made in conjunction with this wedding as samples of her work for the purposes of window and showroom exhibit, advertising, promotion on the internet, publication, instruction and professional competition. Coverage plan times must be used consecutively. The clients understand that if during the family photo pictures flash photography is allowed. If for any reason someone is out of the flash area the ISO will be turned up and cause pixilation on photos when printed bigger than normal sizes. Any changes to this contract must be in writing and signed by both parties. This contract incorporates the entire understanding of the parties.

Family package price  _____________________


You will receive free online downloading of the best photos presented to you AFTER you have reviewed your photos and you are happy with the finished product and you post a review on Facebook. (super easy!)

By signing of this contract the photographer and the clients agree to all terms & conditions stated in this contract.

Client (Parent)_____________________ __________Date______________

Client (Parent) __________________________  ____Date_______________

Photographer ­­­­­­­­­­­­­ashley heier     Date_________



Please Write anything SPECIAL you are wanting me to capture or do please :]





Rights to Print are below….

(you will need this if you choose to go to a Walmart, Target, etc. to print)





Official Photography Release

Breezy Photography


I, Ashley Heier copyright holder of all Breezy photography, hereby grant permission for ___________________ to make prints or enlargements of any of my photography for personal use from their own online downloaded photos from

!__________________ understand that I will be granted access to the printing rights for my photo(s) after I have reviewed the presented photos (engagement & wedding) then place a review on Breezy Photography through Wedding Wire or The Knot. 

Posting pictures online is allowed, but must include the company name and link to

It is recommended that you get your enlargements printed through Breezy Photography for highest quality.  Remember to crop the pictures to the specified size before printing through any other printer.

All pictures remain the property of Breezy Photography for use of advertising and other purposes.


Ashley Heier

Ashley Heier, Breezy Photography