Ordering Your Hard Cover Book

Follow these step by step instructions on how to order your HARDCOVER BOOK.
I emphasize hard cover because the hard cover books are mixed with the cloth books.

You will be looking for the books that start at 82.00 anymore or any less is the incorrect book. Unless it is on sale.

You should already be in your own personal album prior to do any of these steps. 


1. Click Select photos., and click all of them. Even if you don't like every single one you might want it later for a fill.  

2. Click "Buy" 

3.You will see this page. Scroll down to get directly to the books 

4. Once you Scroll down you will see this. 

5. On Albums & Books Click "SEE MORE" This will show you ALL options, you want all options to continue on with these instructions. 

6. Filter your results with 

Photo books & chose the size

11 x 8.5 OR 

8.5 x11 
This is your choice.

They rest of the instructions is shown with 11x8.5 Option chosen. It will all work the same, just different size layout. 


7. These are your options for HARD COVER BOOKS, the remaining books are art cloth. DO NOT CHOOSE THOSE. 

8. Choose your book, then start creating it. I chose the "Family Album- Green & Gray" for this tutorial. 

Here you can see all the options you have. You can change your photos, you can change your layout and if you dislike the album style you can change your options!

Keep everything at Stock, and 20 pages. If you want to add pages, let me know and we will have to do this process differently at the end. 


9. Once you all all done arranging your album. Click "ADD TO CART" 


10. If your book has text on the front or within it and you didn't see it this will automatically prompt. Fill out desired fields. If you don't see this either you had no text to fill or you already did it. 


11. After you add that to the cart the screen will go back to the books and you will see that you have an item in your cart. 

12. Click "View your Cart"

13. Click "SHARE YOUR CART" 

14. Enter in my email address 

all your information and WA-LA. Please put your home address, phone number, and full name in the email. I need this to mail it to you! Expect your package in 5-9 days! :] 


Thank you for choosing me as your photographer! 
call if you have any questions and I can walk you through it! :]