Questions commonly asked about Wedding Photography


How many weddings have you done?

In 5.5 years I have had 30 Weddings, 45 Engagements, & 300+ Family shoots. 

How long have you been photographing?

I have been doing photography for 6 years.

How do you describe your style of photography? 

Story-telling is the best way to describe my style with my weddings, engagements, & families. I am there to tell the story of your life.

Do you edit all photos? 

All your photos you will see are edited photos. I edit all photos because you deserve to see the best possible version of yourself & your photos!

Do we get to see all the photos you take? 

You will not get all the photos I take. I take multiple photos of the same pose, item, or event happening so I have many options to choose the BEST photo out of the 2-30 images snapped. On average you receive 700 wedding photos, 50 family photos, 100 engagement photos.

How many photos do we get for engagement photos and wedding photos?

Weddings- Expect about 75 photos per hour you have hired me for.

6 hour wedding- 450-600 photos

7 wedding- 525-675 photos

8 hour wedding- 600-750 photos

9 hour wedding- 675-825

10 hour wedding- 750-900 photos

There is no cut off on how many photos you receive, I have had 6, 7 & 8 hour weddings who received over 800 photos because they had a lot of decorations, planned their day to have adequate posed, fun, wedding party, short ceremony, with minimal reception coverage.  Every wedding is different.

Obviously the more hours you have me for the less you have to book your day around to get A LOT of photos.

Have you shoot at “so-and-so location”?

I have shot at several locations in the Kansas City area. If I have not been there yet I will be asking you to schedule a day with me where we run up & look at the venue together to start planning shots & ideas.

What are you printing prices and what products do you offer?

Email me to receive the PDF file on print prices. I offer prints from mini wallets up to 30x45 size. I have albums, photo books, leather albums, metal prints, glass prints, coffee mugs, playing cards, wall posters, coasters, aprons, calendars, dry erase boards. The full list will come with your PDF file. Warning now is about 50 pages long.

Do you ever have deals or coupons on prints?

I also have 10% off prints; you just have to ask for it. I will sometimes have deals on weddings & you will just have to book during the time there is a deal. I do not have them that often though.

Do you have any ideas for us?

Yes, once we have gone over your dream wedding details and ideas I will lay out my ideas for your wonderful day! 

Is that price for a second shooter included?

All packages have two shooters, deduct 150.00 if you want only 1 shooter.

Have you done a Catholic, Christian, etc wedding? 

I have done almost every tradition of a wedding ceremony.

If we do not want to do the engagement shoot how much of a difference is that from the package? 

The engagement shoot is 100% complimentary. This is my wedding gift to you & your fiancé. This is also the first time we will all work together. During your engagement shoot you will learn how to better pose yourself, get real smiles, real laughs, & really have a nice evening with your soon-to-be-wife/husband! There is no refund if you do not want the engagement shoot.

Can we add 1.5 more hours to our wedding package instead of the engagement shoot? 

You cannot substitute more hours to void out the engagement shoot. The engagement shoot is literally free. 

Are we responsible for your equipment if one of our guests breaks it? 

If your guest intentionally breaks my camera(s), or spills a drink on my camera bag, or camera you are responsible for all costs to replace the same equipment. I have never had this happen before for I am always careful where I walk, who I am walking by, and I never take off my camera bag. 

We have a video-grapher is that okay? 

Yes that is okay, if you would like for us all to meet and get a game plan down that would be even better so we are not stepping on each other toes the whole wedding day. I also have a preferred videographer list in different parts of Kansas. I do not have a videographer to travel outside of Kansas.













Please call Ashley Ice at 785-443-5910 if you have more questions