Ellington's birth

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At 4:05 AM on March 10th, 2018 I was asleep and happened to hear my phone vibrate. I immediately awoke and read a text from Michele saying her contractions were 2 minutes apart!! I responded that I was on my way and to not have that baby until I got there! I jumped out of bed and ran to my car. I drove through a snow squall the whole hour and a half drive, and I will never forget the beauty of the snow coming at my headlights the whole ride there. I pulled into the hospital at 5:20 AM. I walked through the front door and my phone goes off. She reply's, "Too late she's here." I seriously laughed out loud. I thought Michele was a funny lady and this only made her more hilarious. There was no way I missed a birth. 

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I made my way up to the room and walked in to see this. It was true, she really did deliver the baby minutes before I got there. There's a first for everything in life, and this was the first birth I had ever missed. Michele was in labor for only 2 hours, before she got to meet her daughter. 

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Michele and Mark couldn't decide on a name for her when she arrived. Luckily she was born on a Saturday so they had a full 2 days to decide her name. This is Mark looking over the long list of ideas.

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After 2 days of deciding, they named her Ellington Adi Brooklin Dwyer. Sweet Ellington latched on to her momma the moment she was born. 

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She was perfectly healthy and an even 7 lbs at birth. 

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When I photograph moments, I look for details and I wait for them to show themselves. This moment Michele sat up for the first time after delivering Elli, it was really powerful to witness. 

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To say the least, even though I missed the birth of Ellington, I still got to witness these tender moments after she was born. I talked to Michele for a while as I photographed these moments, and I loved every minute. Michele is a superwoman, and I truly enjoyed being there for these moments. 

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