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Recently, I was given the honor to be featured in the Dear Photographer magazine, not once, but twice now! The first issue was the 'Epic Summer Issue', and one of my favorite images was selected to be featured among the water collection!

Dear photographer Breezy Photography

When I got my first issue of Dear Photographer magazine, I was blown away by the incredible talent included. Janel and Adri pour their heart and souls into their work and it certainly shows. I was so excited to see my work in print among such talent, and it looks perfect. A few of my friends have purchased copies and they love having it as a coffee table piece, and they have many conversations started from the magazine. The first image that was featured of mine was a personal piece taken after a long summer hike in the woods that ended at a rope swing. I got brave and brought my camera dangerously close to the water to get the shot, but it was certainly worth it since its now been published in a magazine! 

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The second feature was in the 'Details' issue. The image that was chosen was featured in the touch section. The image that was chosen is very near and dear to my heart. 

Dear Photographer Breezy photography
Maine couple photography

This is Berwin, embracing his wife of 63 years, Marilyn. Last year, I made a post on my photography page that I wanted to donate a photo session to someone who would deserve it and that may be less fortunate. I was contacted by a support staff who worked for the couple at their home, and was informed that their 63rd anniversary was approaching and they didn't know how much more time Berwin had left as he had been battling illnesses. The session was held shortly after and it was full of laughs and precious memories for the family, as some of their children attended the session as well. I shared the images soon after and the family was in love. I was happy to have done my job and made someone happy. 

When I got the email in April that this image had been selected, I was so excited to share with the family that they were going to be featured in an internationally published magazine! Sadly, once contact was made, I learned of Berwin's passing and my heart broke. They informed me he passed just a few months after the session, and his last good day was the day of the session. The family told me they used the images from the session for memorial piece at his celebration of life. I was told the family truly treasures the images, and they were very excited to see him being featured in this magazine, and thought it was a beautiful tribute to the man he was. 

dear photographer breezy photography
dear photographer breezy photography