Kari & Josh

This is Kari & Josh

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It's amazing what happens when two worlds collide. She's the crazy to his calm. Josh swept Kari off her feet and she has not looked back since. 

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When Josh was asked what he loved most about Kari, he said he loved her smile the most. He also loves her ability to make him do things he never would have done before. And he added, what he hated was missing her. 

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Josh works in Bangor managing his family business and raising a beautiful, 5 year old dancer. Kari works as a case manager and has been raising her own five year old, All-Star. Between their crazy schedules they never fail to make time to spend with each other and their children. 

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Kari's favorite thing about Josh is his ability to make her laugh, and the way his touch can calm her fears.

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They love spending time on family trips with their children, but when they get time just to themselves; you can find them hiking a trail or kayaking. 

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