Muddy Photoshoot

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Meet Justin & Daisy. They are about as sweet as it comes, and the love they have for each other is very evident in these photos. Fun fact: Daisy just gave birth to their son Lucas just a short 12 weeks ago. They also have a daughter that is 4. 

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Daisy is a CNA at Eastern Maine Medical Center in the Emergency Department. She pulls 12-hour shifts working and traveling an hour away from home each time. Justin and Daisy are raising their two children in wooded comfort land of Harmony, Maine, which is where these photos were taken. 

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The goal was to get as dirty and muddy as possible, all the while having fun and making memories. These two surely enjoyed every minute of it.

Breezy photography maine couple

We explored their property and found lots of puddles along the way. The first mess happened when Justin kicked a mud puddle at Daisy, and it was on after that. 

Breezy Photography maine couple

Needless to say, the love they have for one another is apparent. Justin was slightly apprehensive towards the idea of a couples photo session, which made me smile because I knew any man would love playing in mud and kissing on his love. It was the thought of having a camera and me there that intimidates most guys, so I make it my priority to create an experience that everyone involved with a photo session with me, would have fun, enjoy it, and love the photos. 

Breezy photography maine couples

So, then after the session, I get home and share some sneak peaks, and Justin commented, "I'd be lying if I said I didn't have fun." If that's not a photographer win, I don't know what is.

Breezy Photography maine couples
Breezy Photography Maine couple