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This is the wedding of Nicole and Chris on July 1, 2018. It was the hottest day of the summer. 96 Degrees to be exact. They married at the Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport, Maine.

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I asked Nicole how she and Chris first met. She told me it was in the fall of 2009 when Nicole had just gone out dancing with her new friend, Caroline. It was one of her first weekends at Tufts and she felt like she was floating – so many interesting people, places, parties, and no rushing back for a curfew. Caroline and Nicole were arms-linked walking down Professor's Row when she exclaimed, "That's my friend Alex!" and ran over to a pair of guys, throwing her arms around one.

"Caroline!! So good to see you!" They were immediately immersed in a conversation about their mutual high school. Nicole stood awkwardly for a second, watching them until Alex's friend noticed and approached her.

"Hi, I'm Chris," he said, laughing and shaking his head at Alex and Caroline. "He does this to me all the time – social butterfly!"

Chris and Nicole chatted easily. Nicole learned he was a senior at Tufts and that he grew up nearby in Andover, Massachusetts. She told him about her first week at college and how much she loved it. They discovered that they both had siblings that had recently graduated from Tufts, and they both played soccer.

After several minutes, Alex and Caroline suddenly became aware of their surroundings. "Oh, sorry – Chris, this is my friend Caroline. I should have introduced you… Wait, do you two also know each other?" Chris and Nicole looked at each other and laughed.

"We do now," Chris said. They exchanged numbers that night and quickly became friends. Caroline and Alex's lack of consideration earned them both spots in their wedding party.

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I asked Chris how he proposed to Nicole. He told me they had talked about marriage and their future family in the past, and so Chris was feeling pretty confident in getting that "yes" as long as he didn't mess up the other parts. Nicole doesn't always like to be the center of attention, and has said something like a Jumbotron Proposal would be her nightmare and would be answered with "try again." So he knew the "how" should be a private affair.

Chris narrowed down the search for the "when" and "where" after they booked tickets to travel to Nice, Florence, Naples and Rome for July of 2016. He decided to propose in Nice as it was both their first time to France and it was the first stop of their trip. Proposing on the first day was definitely high risk, high reward – if she said no, the rest of the trip would be pretty awkward.

Due to their procrastination habits, they ended up packing at the same time, right before they left. He said he was not sure how he was able to do it, but somehow he secured the ring in a safe spot in his luggage. Chris was pretty nervous going through security as the TSA could ruin his whole surprise with one random search, but they made it through with ease. Chris and Nicole had a red-eye flight to Nice from Boston with a layover in Lisbon. They landed in Nice even more exhausted than they thought they would be because their flight did a couple circles around Nice then got diverted to Marseille.

Chris' good friend Omar Hajj picked them up from the airport. He and his parents were gracious enough to let them stay in the guest bedroom of their incredible Nice apartment. They lived on the opposite side of Nice – the drive from the airport down the coast gave him some time to scout the area because he was still kind of winging the "where." On the drive, they passed a bunch of steps that led to a park that overlooks the city, and he thought that was the perfect spot.

When they got to the apartment, they ate some food, freshened up and took a nap, and luckily they woke with a second wave of energy. Chris had told Omar about his plan to propose weeks earlier, and when he confirmed it was still a go, he suggested driving back into the city for a couple drinks and dinner. They grabbed a drink pretty close to the steps and Chris suggested they should walk up them because it was almost sunset. He gave a look to Omar and he said he needed to make a call, so it was just the two of us. Nicole and Chris started to walk up the steps.

The stairs zig-zag about 300 feet up the hill with a couple overlooks on the way up. This was July in southern France and it was over 90 degrees, and hiking after traveling for a day wasn't exactly easy. They got to the first landing and it was full of people so not exactly the privacy he was looking for. Chris suggested they continue walking and he got a look from Nicole like "are you crazy?" He convinced her to keep going, and they eventually got to the very top – there was no one else around. They walked over to an area that overlooked the beach and the city as the sun was just peeping over the mountains. The clock struck the hour and church bells began to ring. He dropped to one knee and she turned around and he got his "yes!"

On their way back down the hill and out of the park they found out why it was empty. The stair entrance to the park closes and locks right when he proposed. They were forced with the choice of walking back up and exiting on the other side of the hill or climbing around the gate. The decision was easy – their first adventure of the rest of their lives was scaling a fence to break out of a park in southern France.

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I really loved this little moment between Nicole and her niece. She asked if she could throw some rocks in the water with her, and without hesitation, she did. 

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Nicole has 4 older brothers, and they all had their own moment in the light, dancing with their little sister on her big day.

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Nicole and Chris stayed at the Harbor Inn, in Kennebunkport just down the block from the Nonantum Resort.

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This veil here was worn by 3 previous generations of brides before Nicole was honored to be the 4th generation to wear on her wedding day. This is her mother placing it just before the ceremony.

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The veil was used by her Great Grandma Annette in 1926, her Grandma Lovely in 1950, Mother Judy in 1976, and Nicole on July 1, 2018

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