Who Inspires Me | Corey Lynn Tucker

I first met Corey Lynn Tucker back in 2017 when she visited Maine to see her Mom and Dad. We met at a local cafe and we swapped photos of one another while our counterparts conversed and shared stories over coffee. I had the pleasure of also meeting her amazing husband, George, as well. Corey has inspired me for many years since I discovered her through the group Lookslikefilm. I have always been amazed by her creative style and strong tones. I love the lighting she uses as well. Corey had a tough year last year when both of her parents had some medical scares, and I am happy to share they are both doing much better. Corey’s parents mean a lot to her and she never shies away from being proud of that. I too am a momma’s girl, so I can appreciate her dedication and love. Corey is also a big lover, a lover of all things good. She lives with purpose and pride. I love so much about who she is and how she stands and supports things that are right in this world. If only there were more humans like her. Be sure to check her out on social media!

Instagram: @coreylynntucker

Facebook: Corey Lynn Tucker Photography

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