Who Inspires Me | Heather Koepp

When I first discovered Heather Koepp over a year ago, every image she took caught my eye. She see’s things much differently than most, and that’s what makes her stand out. She has a variety of work from families, to models, and concerts. I have ALWAYS been so envious of her work with celebrities and well known models. Her vibe is very high fashion and she creates images to have a more film look to them. She isn’t afraid to direct her models and put them in the most flattering of light. She can adjust herself very well according to what she is creating. She is very active in the photography community and she makes sure to take time to be interactive with others. Community is important, and Heather is a great part of that for photography. Please check out her social media sites!!

IG @dreamcatchersphoto

FB Heather Keopp Photography

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