“When I started to plan my wedding, I had a list of the top three things I wanted: the perfect photographer, a pretty dress, and for it to be a fun party. So, once I locked in the date, I went on Wedding Wire and looked through every single wedding photographer in Maine (and some in New Hampshire) and made a list of 5 that I wanted to contact ranked 1-5. Bree was #1 on my list. I sent a contact request and received a response almost immediately. We met up and as far as I was concerned I was already sold. From there, Bree has captured some of the most important moments in my life - my engagement, my pregnancy, and my wedding. I can say without a doubt that she has gone above and beyond in every way possible. She has captured images and moments that have aligned perfectly with what I envisioned (is she a mind reader too?!). Every gallery we have gotten back has brought me to tears. Not only is she an incredibly talented photographer, she is kind, compassionate, fun, hilarious, and extremely responsive in every sense of the word. Our sessions have 100% felt like just hanging out with a friend. Beyond this, everyone is always blown away by our images and I’m honestly a little sad that we don’t have another session to look forward to (yet!). It is abundantly clear that Bree reinvests her time and money into perfecting her art and that shines through in her work. I am SO thankful to have found her & if you are looking for a photographer - I cannot recommend Breezy Photography enough.. 11 out of 10 we love this girl!” - Brooke Gebhardt

“You are an amazing photographer!! Not only that, everyone in the band who had a chance to talk with you or just observe your professionalism, were impressed with your skills as a communicator and the way you mingled in the crowd, so most of the photographs were completely spontaneous and we were not aware we were being photographed!! Everyone was completely bedazzled with you!!” - Skyliners Dance Band

“I was putting off family photos because I was dreading having to threaten my children to sit and smile. However, I found breezy photography and she completely changed my view on family pictures! We felt so comfortable with her, and my kids were laughing and playing the entire time. It was absolutely effortless and turned out beautiful. The photos we received were gorgeous, true artistry. She sent them to me in a very timely manner, and I was happy with every single picture! I now have this moment in time to treasure forever, I honestly can't thank her enough. I would highly recommend Breezy Photography to anyone that is looking for quality, beautiful photos. “ - Ashley Thornton

"No matter how many positive things I have to say about Brianna, it could never be enough to express my extreme gratitude and utter amazement of her and her photography!!! Brianna is, quite simply, exceptional. Finding good and trustworthy people to help coordinate with you on your wedding day can be a daunting and stressful task, but at my pre-wedding consultation there was not an ounce of anxiety to be had!! (Not something I can say about the rest of the wedding planning process!) Brianna is so incredibly easy to get along with, and I quickly felt as though we had been longtime friends. She is an incredible woman and such a genuine soul. She takes each shot with the most care and passion. And did I mention she is FAST?! The way she coordinated a group of 100 people, and subsequently a horde of extended family following our ceremony was nothing short of a miracle!! Each shot was less than a second and then our guests were off to enjoy our cocktail hour!! She was beyond efficient!! Furthermore, Brianna quite possibly has the best eye for photography that I've ever seen, and I'm not just saying that because I'm the one in the pictures!! Only a few of our shots were actually posed and they are fabulous!! But it's the ones of the candid little moments of the two of us that she captured that I have had made into canvasses and plan to hang around my house. Neither of us feel super comfortable with having our picture taken, but with Brianna we felt completely at ease. My family and guests all commented on how wonderful she was during the reception and that she fit right in like a relative and we were all sad when it was time for her to go!! I was amazed to get a notification the following evening of pictures being posted from Breezy Photography!! (I did mention she's fast, right?!) When we got our first look at some of the pictures from our wedding day we were totally blown away and continue to be with every post!! We couldn't be happier in our choice!!!" -Emma Chamot

"I thought finding a photographer in Maine from an ocean away was going to be difficult and stressful. But one video chat with Brianna and I knew that I had found a true talent and awesome spirit. Working with Brianna was so much fun and memorable. Her ideas flow naturally and her laughs and fun remarks behind the camera made it feel like we’d known her for months. To me fun and comfort in photography is what it’s all about and Brianna is nothing short of both. She will go the distance, even racing up a flight of stairs to capture one last meaningful shot for us. Her photos are absolutely stunning and looking at them fills my heart with joy. A true talent and gem of a person, we were lucky to have her capture our elopement." - Veronica Thornton

“Brianna is great to work with! She is very fast to respond to requests and is so helpful with any questions you may have. She really listens to the concerns you have leading up to your big day and cares about the special wishes you have. On our wedding day, my father-in-law was unable to attend because of a sudden emergency surgery, and Brianna took not only took the news in stride, but also worked with us to photoshop him into our family photos afterwards. She did not have to do this and went above and beyond in order to help us out in our special circumstance. We had many guests comment on how high-energy she was and how she seemed to be able to be everywhere at once! Our pictures are gorgeous and we are so excited to have images of such quality to remember our day by! “ - Renee Michaud

“Bree was fantastic! We cant say enough wonderful things about her on our fall wedding day. She puts you at total ease, she can see your vision once she steps in your environment, shes amazing with your guests and loved ones, shes very professional and takes her work very seriously. We have found our life long photographer for all our future precious moments and a great friend. Highly recommend Breezy Photography, in love with her style, art, and her eye for all things love !” - Gretchen Bull

"When I found out I was pregnant with our second baby I knew right away I wanted the birth to be photographed. I had regrets that I didn't capture those moments the first time. After our first child was born, the doctor asked if we wanted a photo of the three of us together. I was just so overwhelmed with becoming a new mom that I did not think of photographing those magical moments. I stopped in my tracks when I came across some photos on my friends Facebook page. There was a video that accompanied the photos and one image brought me to tears in an instant. I needed to learn more. Who took this photo? Who captured my friend so lovingly and vulnerable? I found Brianna with Breezy photography. I messaged my friend asking for more information about her experience and she raved about Brianna. I was unsure because having a photographer in the labor and delivery room was something I was nervous about. More so for her than me. I know at the time of delivery you could care less who is in the room and who is seeing what. The only goal is to deliver your sweet baby. I quickly messaged Brianna and we met for coffee. I told her of my regrets and how I would love for her to photograph our baby girl. She brought up the Fresh forty-eight package which was perfect. I did not have maternity photos taken with my first pregnancy (another regret) but with the fresh forty-eight I had the best of everything (maternity, labor & delivery and photos of the baby at home) I told her I was nervous to have her in the room. I told Bri I was a screamer and I cursed a lot during labor. We giggled. More importantly, I felt comfortable with her. We connected instantly. She is genuine, sincere and loving. She found her passion and I was the lucky recipient of her talents. Brianna gave me precious moments caught by the eye of an artist. She gave me memories I lost during those moments after labor when your brain and body are catching up to what traumatic event just took place. She witnessed life, motherhood and intimacy and handled it with grace and professionalism. I was vulnerable and she embraced every second. How lucky am I ??!! She surprised us with a video that captured the moments when we first brought her home and her big brother met her for the first time. It was magical. I have watched it over one hundred times and it always makes me cry. She stayed with us during the day for several hours and just soaked it all in. She was never in the way and I was sad when she left. She came back two days later to capture the moments big brother met little sister for the first time. She was patient, encouraging and made everything so easy and relaxed. Thank you for being so creative and patient with our new family of four. She spent countless hours with us and was never rushing. She is the true definition of a photographer who puts her heart and soul into everyone she photographs. Thank you for pursuing your passion and I am so grateful I found you. I look forward to working with you again. Thank you for loving our family and for capturing moments I will share with them as my babies grow and have their own babies. These photos will live on for decades and it is because of you. With gratitude, Michele, Mark, Auckland and Ellington Dwyer"

"We absolutely love all of the memories that you have simply captured in photos! We will have a life time to look back on these special moments! Bri has gone above and beyond to make every moment of the sessions we’ve done with her to make us comfortable! From the first weeks of our son being born she without hesitation came to do our home to do a session because my PPD was not allowing any other option at the time! She and my family went with the flow, with no rush and no time limit. She took all the time that was needed to make sure she could capture such a precious moment to me! From fun pictures, to bonding pictures, and pictures of us relaxing. My significant other and I then had another session with her that involved just him and I. A special bonding moment for us that we have not had in a long time because of this thing we call “life” the session was so easy for us and bri captured just how much love him and I share without even trying. It was muddy, it was steamy, and it was fun. In my opinion having a photographer that Your comfortable with is key! She gives direction yet is fun and enjoyable to be around. I will use her for a life time! She’s great at the work that she does! Though, Work is a word she would not use while being behind the camera because when u love what you do, it’s not work, it’s simply fun! This is what she lives for and loves doing. She makes it comfortable, she makes everyone feel relaxed and she goes above and beyond to capture the special moments that she’s there for. I’d highly recommend her for any type of photos that your looking for. Never a dull moment with bri and never a picture that I didn’t need my tissues for." - Daisy Jean Randall

"Breezy Photography is THE photographer you want for any special occasion and precious life moments. She has done a number of photos for us and we have watched her go from starting off good to thriving in greatness. Capturing not only the faces and moments worth a thousand words, but the spirits and personalities of each individual during the shoot. She has excellent timing and her personality really makes you comfortable so your photos come put looking natural." - Lindsey Rae Seamans

I wish I had words that could express what a wonderful experience the "first 48" photo shoot with Brianna was. I don't need to tell you how lovely her photos are because you can see for yourself. I will tell you that from my first email inquiring prices she never delayed in response. We reserved our date months in advance and throughout all that time Brianna never forgot about us. Not only that but my due date went a week past and she was so flexible. Brianna made us so comfortable. She never threatened the space or bond between my newborn and I. I was worried about having someone come in and touch my first baby but she never made me feel nervous. I know she has specific packages but it never hindered her. She took as many photos as she needed to capture our new family. She experimented in order to get the best and she showed us along the way. Oh and let's not forget when I expressed my concern about my double chin she had my back (I know this is what everyone really wants to know.) Brianna takes photos because she loves it. She loves learning and it shows in the experience. During our photo shoot all I could think about is the next opportunity we would have to take photos with her." - Hailey Harder

"My husband and I wanted some pictures done in the fall. We decided to go with Breezy Photography. We are forever grateful that we did! She was awesome and took charge and told us exactly what to do (which we loved). She was super fun and creative about it too! We even got all of our pictures back within the week, which is amazing! We quickly decided to make Brianna our photographer for everything we might need pictures for! I keep looking for reasons to have our pictures done! They’re that good!!! I highly recommended Breezy photographer for anything you need photos for! I promise you’ll be thrilled with them!!!" - Bridgette White

"Brianna was very flexible with time, and she was able to work around nap time so that we wouldn’t have kiddos in the way. Very enthusiastic and energetic while taking photos, made my husband and I feel 100% comfortable! She is an amazing photographer and the final product was amazing, she uses light in such a great way and captures at unique angles. She was very professional while maintaining a laid-back feeling so that we were more comfortable for the photos. We highly recommend her." - Crystle Eldridge

I met Brianna through a photographers Facebook group and was immediately drawn to her enthusiasm, kindness and creativity. She is very supportive and when I went to Maine (my second home) to visit my family I asked if she wanted to do a photography trade. We met at a local coffee shop and she took photos of my husband and myself that I love. Which reminds me, I need to update my web site. Ha ha. She's easy to be around, we laughed and had a wonderful time. I can't wait until I see her again this summer." - Corey Lynn Tucker

“Brianna with Breezy Photography photographed the birth of my youngest son earlier this October. Having her there for the birth itself was incredible, she blended in so seamlessly with the other support people present while also being able to capture truly amazing photos that we will cherish forever! I would highly recommend her if you’re looking for someone to photograph a birth for you. She really is phenomenal at her job and you won’t be disappointed. “ - Sarah-Kay Campbell

“I cannot express enough how much I love working with Brianna! She is a phenomenal photographer who puts so much effort into capturing exactly what you want, all while seeing the approach very artistically!
Brianna did a gorgeous photo shoot for me and my boyfriend & we were both beyond pleased with what she delivered. She will always be my first choice for my photography needs! We recommend her to everyone! “ - Kari Storen

"Working with Brianna has been the best experience I’ve ever had with a photographer! She's not just taking our picture, she is becoming a part of our lives, and making sure it’s every aspect of us being captured, not just our faces. Every picture I get back takes my breath away." - Chloe Brown

"We have used Breezy Photography over the years for our growing family. She has been there for many memories, but the biggest gift her talent has given me is the beauty she captured in the birth of our second son. After a rough labor and delivery, all I could remember was the pain and fear of if both my son and I were going to make it ok. A week later Breezy Photography posted a video of the experience that took my breath away and brought me to tears. It showed so much love and beauty. My husband by my side with love and support in his eyes The moment of joy between two grandmothers as the sweet boy entered the world safely. A proud doctor handing me my baby. I was so comfortable having Brianna's professional and calming personality in the room. There's so much that I missed in the moment, but now I have those special glimpses in time forever thanks to Brianna. I look forever to having her by our side over the years to come, and to see the beauty she creates for our family." - Audrey Comingo Hughes