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It is my whole life desire to create the art I see in you.



As your photographer, I do not just take your photographs. I will literally wipe your tears, carry your dress, drive you around, turn your necklace, fix your hair, laugh with you, and definitely dance my heart out with you. Nothing else on this earth I would rather do.

Image credit: Cross Street Photography

Image credit: Cross Street Photography

I create experiences that leave people feeling confident and happy. You walk away knowing your investment was worth it and your images will show just that. 

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Being a photographer is my lifelong passion. I love capturing life through my eyes.

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"Brianna is, quite simply, exceptional. Finding good and trustworthy people to help coordinate with you on your wedding day can be a daunting and stressful task, but at my pre-wedding consultation there was not an ounce of anxiety to be had!!" -Emma Chamot


"Working with Brianna was so much fun and memorable. Her ideas flow naturally and her laughs and fun remarks behind the camera made it feel like we’d known her for months. To me fun and comfort in photography is what it’s all about and Brianna is nothing short of both." - Veronica Thornton


"We giggled. More importantly, I felt comfortable with her. We connected instantly. She is genuine, sincere and loving. She found her passion and I was the lucky recipient of her talents." - Michele Dwyer


"She makes it comfortable, she makes everyone feel relaxed and she goes above and beyond to capture the special moments that she’s there for." - Daisy Jean Randall


"I will tell you that from my first email inquiring prices she never delayed in response. We reserved our date months in advance and throughout all that time Brianna never forgot about us. Not only that but my due date went a week past and she was so flexible" - Hailey Harder


"She was awesome and took charge and told us exactly what to do (which we loved). She was super fun and creative about it too! We even got all of our pictures back within the week, which is amazing!" - Bridgette White


" Very enthusiastic and energetic while taking photos, made my husband and I feel 100% comfortable! She is an amazing photographer and the final product was amazing, she uses light in such a great way and captures at unique angles." - Crystle Eldridge 


"She's easy to be around, we laughed and had a wonderful time. I can't wait until I see her again this summer." - Corey Lynn Tucker


"Working with Brianna has been the best experience I’ve ever had with a photographer! She's not just taking our picture, she is becoming a part of our lives, and making sure it’s every aspect of us being captured, not just our faces. Every picture I get back takes my breath away." - Chloe Brown


"I was so comfortable having Brianna's professional and calming personality in the room. There's so much that I missed in the moment, but now I have those special glimpses in time forever thanks to Brianna." - Audrey Comingo Hughes


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