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Tying the Knot in Sin City: A Las Vegas Elopement Photography Adventure

Travel. Buy the ticket and GO!!!!! Don’t ever, EVER hesitate to venture out and see the world. I promise there are ZERO regrets! I have a feeling this is about to become my new hobby! If you’ve ever considered tying the Knot in Sin City, here is your sign! A Las Vegas Elopement Photography Adventure awaits!

I was recently given the honor and the opportunity to travel from my little hometown in Maine to Las Vegas to photograph an elopement for a wonderful pair who had to change plans a few times due to unforeseen circumstances. I have had the easiest and most pleasant experience and then some while traveling and experiencing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

When I first arrived in Vegas, I communicated to Gina that I had arrived and she told me she was at terminal 1.  After a few text exchanges and 1 phone call, we found each other! We then went to a shuttle that brought us right to the car rental location down the road. I picked up my car and followed Gina and Rob to my hotel next. After figuring out how to park, we parted ways for a few hours so I could settle in and relax after flying all day.

We then decided to meet up in the Venetian for dinner. We enjoyed an incredible meal together and talked about how excited we were for their planned elopement ceremony at Nelson Ghost town! 

The next morning I went to the gym and walked and lifted some weights. Afterward, I went out to Nelson Ghost town, where I met up with Gina and Rob. The two got dressed and had their ceremony with their officiant named Mike! After the ceremony, we walked around to the different items that are there and took photographs. When we finished we were parched and dry and went into the store and were given free cold bottles of water! We then went down the road, which is very quiet and not traveled by many cars, and took more photos including some with the Dodge Challenger in the middle of the road at sunset!

The next day, I woke up early to head toward Mandalay Bay and check out the aquarium. Before the aquarium opened, I decided I needed to gamble at least once in Vegas, you know the saying, “When in Vegas”. So I picked a random slot machine, put in $30 in 5 minutes, and instantly won $2,000!!! I walked away immediately after winning! Woohoo!!! After, I found a beautiful outside bar and had an incredible meal of tamales and chips and salsa served by Cojo! I also chatted with a few patrons at the bar who had both been to Maine before! They were all attending the world’s largest pharmaceutical meeting. Everyone was SO friendly in Vegas!!!!

Afterward, I made my way back to my beautiful suite and got ready for day 2 of elopement photos. I met Rob and Gina at the Fabulous Las Vegas Sign and took photographs there! Following this, we went to the Neon Sign Museum and took portraits! We had so much fun goofing off and taking photos! Then we parted ways and we knew we had made lifelong friends right then and there.

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bride and groom inside wedding chapel at nelson ghost town in vegas
bride and groom behind cactus in nelson ghost town
bride and groom holding hands walking in the middle of the road at nelson ghost town
Wedding rings in flower bouquet in vegas
wedding bouquet sitting on bench next to skull with horns
Bride and groom walking down the road at blue hour in front of moon in mountains
bride and groom kissing under the moon in nelson ghost town vegas
Bride and groom kissing in reflection of side mirror
Bride and groom walking together in blurry photo at nelson ghost town
Bride and groom kissing at ghost town in Las Vegas nevada
Bride and groom kissing in reflection of old antique car at nelson ghost town vegas
wedding bouquet laying on rocks at nelson ghost town vegas
couple sitting on bed of old truck at nelson ghost town
groom holding phone inside old phone booth kissing bride at nelson ghost town
Bride and groom posing together at nelson ghost town in front of barn
bride and groom kissing by old truck framed with broke glass window

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