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Augusta Wedding Photography had the honor of photographing a beautiful wedding for this couple at an incredible cathedral in Augusta. After the ceremony, the couple celebrated with an amazing reception held at Longfellow’s Greenhouses – a family-owned business that opened up, especially for this special occasion. Capturing the unique beauty of a wedding at a greenhouse was truly a special experience!

Augusta Cathedral

For couples looking for an extra special setting for their wedding ceremony, there is nothing quite like an Augusta Maine cathedral wedding. The grandeur of a cathedral provides a unique atmosphere that is both awe-inspiring and romantic. St. Mary’s Church in Augusta is a stunning example of the beauty that can be found in a cathedral wedding. The breathtaking architecture of the building lends itself to beautiful photographs of the bride and groom, as well as the entire wedding party. On the day of their ceremony, couples are surrounded by the beauty of the building, which helps to make the moment even more special. With its incredible stained glass windows and ornate details, St. Mary’s Church makes for a perfect backdrop for an unforgettable wedding.

Longfellow’s Greenhouses

When it comes to wedding venues, a greenhouse is definitely an unexpected choice. But for this particular couple, Longfellow’s Greenhouses made for an absolutely stunning wedding reception location. Not only was it special because the family owns the greenhouses, but also because they opened them up specifically for this event.
Transforming a greenhouse into a wedding reception space can be a challenge, but it was done perfectly here. With gorgeous lights, and vibrant plants surrounding the room, guests were mesmerized by the atmosphere. It was truly magical!
The family had all the greenhouse decorations down to perfection and it was clear that they had put a lot of thought into creating a unique atmosphere for the couple’s special day. The combination of the beautiful florals with Longfellow’s Greenhouses created a truly unforgettable wedding experience.
Overall, this wedding exemplifies how magical a Greenhouse Wedding can be. Longfellow’s Greenhouses created a perfect setting for a romantic and unforgettable event.

The Photos

Breezy Photography captured this Augusta Cathedral wedding and Longfellow’s Greenhouse’s reception with their expertise in lighting and camera skills. They had a great ability to capture images in all kinds of light conditions, making sure to get all the special moments.
A greenhouse wedding provides a unique atmosphere with soft light that casts a beautiful glow. This is why it’s important to have a wedding photographer who has experience in different light conditions to ensure that every moment of your wedding day is captured perfectly.
Breezy Photography was up for the challenge of capturing this cathedral wedding and greenhouse reception. They have years of experience in Augusta Maine and specialize in documenting weddings with timeless photos and videos that you can cherish forever. From the beautiful vows to the candid laughter, Breezy Photography has a talent for capturing every emotion with their eye-catching shots.

The Reception

At the reception, the couple’s first dance took place under the greenhouse’s twinkle lights as their guests watched and cheered them on. The wedding party made heartfelt speeches and shared stories of the bride and groom. There was also a lot of mingling between the guests at this event. Everyone was enjoying the relaxed atmosphere that comes with a greenhouse wedding.
Longfellow’s Greenhouses had so much to offer for this reception. With a variety of beautiful plants and flowers all around, the guests were able to truly enjoy the beauty of nature while celebrating the bride and groom. As the night went on, guests could be found playing lawn games, dancing, and snacking on delicious treats!
All in all, it was a truly magical evening that was made even more special by being held at Longfellow’s Greenhouses. The couple and their guests will always remember this special day, surrounded by friends and family, in such a unique and beautiful setting.

This event had incredible catering and a delicious meal put on by Lilac Caters.


Ceremony location: St Mary’s Church in Augusta, Maine

Venue: Longfellow’s Greenhouses

Hair: Synergy Spa

Makeup: Amber Dow

Cake: La Bella Torte

DJ: DJ Kidcorey

Food: Lilac Caters

Florist: Coco Design Company

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