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This Maine Wedding was Incredible! This is Kyle & Emma Chamot. Wed on July 14, 2018 at the Lucerne Inn, Dedham, Maine.

Their wedding was nothing short of pure bliss, and was absolutely perfect in every way! I didn’t want to leave at the end of the night! It started out hanging with the ladies while they got ready. There was laughs, tears, and real moments. The mood in the room was ever changing that morning as people came and went, and I was honored to be able to capture all of the moments.
Here is a moment that spoke to me from that morning. Emma’s mom was the funniest mom I’ve ever met. She brought the fun, and kept us all laughing. I could really feel the connection between these two the entire day, and I love how they are both being pampered completely in this moment as they both deserved every minute.

I asked Emma some questions about her and Kyle’s relationship. She told me they met at a mutual friends house watching a hockey game. After Kyle left, he kept asking his friend about Emma. Kyle is not a Bruins fan, but took any opportunity to watch them if she was around.

Kyle was persistent and sure that Emma was the one for him and his confidence in them was what made her fall for him. She say’s she knew she loved Kyle when he helped her pick out the first car she ever chose and bought by herself, he checked under every hood and got under every exhaust, taking so much care and time to make sure it was the perfect car for her. Kyle says he fell in love when they both took the girls she nanny’s to the beach and says that was the moment he knew that he would love for that picture to be me with our kids someday.

Almost a year and a half after they got together, they went out to dinner for Star Wars Trivia Night on May 4th, encompassing two of their greatest loves; his love for Star Wars, and her love for being right. Afterwards, since the sun was just beginning to set, they decided to go to Cascade Park with friends who had joined for dinner. On the way there they had a very serious discussion about who can prove the love for the other more. It was funny. As they walked through the park Kyle claimed that Emma would never be able beat him at this game again, and got down on one knee in front of the fountains. Emma says she told him to “shut the f*ck up” and in total disbelief and proceeded to say “no f*cking way” about a thousand times until he reminded her that that’s NOT what I’m supposed to say.

Emma’s favorite moments were when she first saw Kyle from the window of her room at the Inn and walking down the aisle while her dad sang N*SYNC to her as she tried not to cry.

My favorite part of the wedding was moments before Emma was to begin walking down the isle with her father. Before she arrived, her father pulled me aside and told me he wanted to take a quick funny shot. I had no idea what he had in mind, but it was at that moment, this wedding became one of my favorites.

Kyle’s favorite moments from their wedding day were when Emma finally walked up the steps to the gazebo and smiled at him and he got to see her in my dress up close.

Kyle also loved when we snuck away up to the big rock and got a few quiet moments together for the first time that day

Wedding rings on mirror

People seated near gazebo at Lucerne Inn Wedding

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