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Old Orchard Beach Wedding

I absolutely LOVE that I got to photograph this Old Orchard Beach Wedding a few weeks ago! Melissa and Ed never got to have the dream wedding they always dreamed of since they officially got married in the courthouse a few years ago. When Melissa asked me to be her wedding photographer, I was elated! She wore a stunning, custom-made dress, and every detail that she put together was so beautiful. I enjoyed conversing with her friends and family, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. The week leading up to the wedding called for storms and rain, we were worried, but just as we hoped, the skies cleared,  and the day was perfect.

Something you should know about this sweet family, is their son, Sequoyah. He is the center of their universe, and they longed to hold him in their arms and to watch him grow up alongside his big brother Braylon. I have learned a lot about the language surrounding loss from Melissa, so please understand that I am trying to be delicate and real with this part of their story. At 41 weeks, they received the most devastating news that no one wants to hear. He no longer had a heartbeat and their world shattered. Sequoyah was supposed to be at this wedding, but instead, he was in an urn, and that is the worst feeling to see someone go through. I felt so many emotions for them as the day went on. His urn was so beautiful with a tree on it and they also had many dedication pieces and moments for him throughout the day in these photos. Melissa even has a beautiful necklace made from some of his ashes and breast milk, as well as both of their wedding bands! Melissa and Ed are such a beautiful couple who are so deeply in love and love their children even harder. They deserved this day to celebrate this.

It is my honor to share these beautiful moments in photos as their photographer on this day.

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Sequoyah’s foundation:




Wedding bands with Sequoyah’s ashes and milk:

Necklace with Sequoyah’s ashes and milk:

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