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Sugarloaf Wedding Photography

Brooke and Chris met one another through a mutual friend in high school when they both attended neighboring schools. Years after high school, they reconnected online when Brooke was living in Georgia and Chris was living in Colorado. Brooke made a visit to see her college roommate in Denver at the time, and the two made a plan to meet up at a concert at Red Rocks while she was in town. Chris realized he accidentally bought the Thursday ticket and Brooke bought the Friday ticket. Luckily Chris was able to talk his way into the Friday show for the concert so they could see each other. After the concert, they spent the weekend hiking and hanging out. From there, Brooke moved back to Maine and they did a whole year long-distance relationship before Chris moved back to Maine as well. Then Brooke says, the rest is history!

The Day of the Wedding

I met Brooke and her son Easton a year and a half ago at our bridal consultation. We immediately clicked and I was so excited to not only cover her big day but also photograph an engagement session as well. A few months later, I got a surprise message and apparently, they also got a surprise! Baby Gebhardt was on the way, and there would be an extra special guest at the wedding! Brooke and Chris told me they enjoyed their engagement session so much, they knew they wanted to do maternity photos with me as well. I loved that session and even got to put Brooke in one of my custom hand made dresses too! You can check out that session here!

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My drive across the state to Sugarloaf Mountain region was jaw droppingly gorgeous. Mountain views for days, and when I arrived, Mountains in your face. This was my first time at Sugarloaf and I cannot wait to return. I met the bridal party in their hotel room as they did their finishing touches with hair and makeup. They helped one another adjust their attire and prepare to depart to the convention center for a first look and their formal photos.

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Sugarloaf Maine wedding photography-6.jpgThis moment was so beautiful as big brother Easton adored his new little brother while he ate. Even brides on their wedding days have to stop to feed the baby, and this was no exception. It was one of the most sweet moments of the day truly.

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Sugarloaf Maine wedding photography-9.jpgI was so in love when I saw where the first look was going to occur, the ski resort in the background and the water was perfect and serene. Chris’ reaction was as expected, he was all smiles and lit up with love and joy upon seeing his bride for the first time that day. Before he saw her, Brooke said I’m in my pajamas, and I said no she’s in a T-rex blow up suit, Chris turns around and laughs and smiles as he see we were just trying to mess with him. It was such an adorable and genuine moment.Sugarloaf Maine wedding photography-100.jpg
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Sugarloaf Maine wedding photography-12.jpgAnd then there was the ceremony location. When I got up to the altar and saw the view, my jaw dropped. The altar was also beautifully made and perfect for the location. Stunning cannot even describe the ceremony.

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Sugarloaf Maine wedding photography-28.jpgI arrived to the reception, which was also where the first look was, the convention center. So while guests enjoyed cocktail hour, they got to take in that beautiful view of the ski resort and water in the background. The cake was so beautiful, and the dances were full of sweet moments and lots of happiness. Sugarloaf Resort put on such an amazing dinner and the food was so delicious.

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And to finish the night off, Chris and Brooke gathered all of their guests for an epic sparkler send-off! It was so much fun and it couldn’t have ended the day any better. A huge congratulations to the couple!!!Sugarloaf Maine wedding photography-42.jpg
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Florist: Skowhegan Fleuriste

Cake: The Bankery

DJ: M&M Entertainment

Hair Artist: Brittany Johnson of Studio 88

Makeup Artist: Whitney Beal

Venue & Catering: Sugarloaf

Dress: Andrea’s Bridal

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