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Things to Do in Bar Harbor Maine and Acadia National Park

If you ever find yourself in the great Northeast region of the United States, you might find yourself looking for Activities in Bar Harbor Maine, and Acadia National Park. 

Whether you are looking for a structured activity, or something a little more laidback, you are sure to find something amazing in Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

As a professional photographer in Maine, I often find myself drawn to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. I will meet with people who are visiting town briefly while on a cruise ship, and I will show them around as well as take them into the park for photos in all the scenic spots! Going to Bar Harbor is like visiting heaven on earth. The wide range of activities AND sights really make this area perfect for a little getaway vacation for anyone. Whether you enjoy hiking and climbing, sitting on the beach, or shopping at the local shops, you have it all right here. There’s also some great restaurants, fishing tours, and scenic boat rides. 

Sand Beach

Located inside Acadia National Park


Sand Beach is located inside Acadia National Park and it is one of the first spots to stop along Park Loop road once you enter. This beach offers views of rocky ocean shores and cliffs, dune grass, and mountains all around. There are several hiking trails that begin at Sand Beach as well such as the easy ocean path or the Great Head Trail.

Jordan Pond


located inside Acadia National Park


Another beautiful view within the park is Jordan Pond. Just down the hill from the Jordan Pond restaurant, you will find the hiking path that goes around the entire pond. At the beginning as you look out across the water you can see two ‘Bubble’ shaped peaks know as the North and South Bubbles.

Hiking – Beehive Trail


Beehive hiking trail is located inside Acadia National Park


If you enjoy nature, rock climbing, and a little bit of thrill seeking, this is the trail for you! Park at the Sand Beach parking lot, and find the trail head just up the hill to the side of Park Loop Road. There is a way to access the top of Beehive by taking the back route called The Bowl Trail, which also serves as the way back after you climb Beehive. A few things to know about this trail is that once, you start going up, it is HIGHLY advised to not go back down the way you came due to its steep nature and rocky cliffs. Most active people can do this trail, but it is recommended to bring a friend for support. Don’t forget to stop along the way and look back down at Sand Beach too!

Thunder Hole

Located inside Acadia National Park


Accessible by car, Thunder Hole is a very well known spot along the cliffs and rocky shores. To get to Thunder Hole, you will enter the park and drive on Park Loop Road, go past Sand Beach and you will find a parking spots with plenty of signs. If there is inclement weather, there most likely will be a closed gate at the stop of the staircase, do not take this closure lightly, it is for your protection. People who have ignored safety measure in the park have died here before! (If you have interest in this subject, I highly recommend the book Death in Acadia, which can be found at Sherman’s Bookstore right in Bar Harbor!) Thunder Hole is a cave like crack in the granite that makes a loud thunderous roar when there is a storm coming in, or inclement weather when the tide is coming in. 

Downtown Bar Harbor


The picturesque town of Bar Harbor is one of the most beautiful small towns in America. With lots of history, beautiful gardens, and views of Frenchman’s Bay, downtown Bar Harbor is a wonderful little quaint space packed with lots to do! Restaurants that I love include Getty’s, Bar Harbor Beerworks, The Dog & Pony, and the Sidestreet Cafe (Which is well known for their excellent gluten free menu options!) Downtown sits on a hill next to the bay, so some restaurants sit right on the waters edge as well, such as Stewman’s Lobster Pound. There are also a lot more activities beyond the ones included in this post such as sea kayaking or bike rentals and so much more!

Otter Cliffs

Located inside Acadia National Park


After you ride along the Park Loop road, you will go past Thunder Hole and then you’ll find Otter Cliffs. This is accessible both by car and by hiking trail. There is a parking lot nearby for those driving through the park. I have photographed elopement ceremonies here as well as spent some time alone just looking at the water as it crashed along the jagged rocks below.  The images here below are of two opposite views left and right at Otter Cliffs. The scenery never ends.


Hire a Professional Photographer


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