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A mother with her two daughters at a photography studio

Breezy Photography Studio – Downtown Bangor Maine

Have you ever had a dream that seemed so distant, so unattainable, that you almost gave up on it? I certainly have. For ten long years, I held onto a vision of having my own studio space in downtown Bangor, Maine. It felt like an impossible dream at times, but against all odds, it finally … Continued

Hammond Louisiana Photography

Hammond Louisiana Photography

Find the most beautiful Hammond Louisiana Photography right here. Louisiana, known for its vibrant culture, diverse landscapes, and rich history, provides a captivating backdrop for photography enthusiasts. The state’s unique blend of French, African, Spanish, and Native American influences is reflected in its architecture, music, and traditions, offering photographers a wealth of subjects to explore. … Continued

Boothbay Harbor Maine Wedding Photography

I asked Ai to interview me, a photographer.

How did your photography journey begin? I began my photography journey when I was just a young kid, I would steal my mom’s film cameras and run into my bedroom and set my dolls up in my windows and take pictures of them. I will share those here. I was about 5 years old when … Continued

Dover-Foxcroft Maine Studio Photography Sessions

Attention, photography enthusiasts and all who appreciate the art of visual storytelling! I am excited to introduce you to the stunning new all-white studio space in the heart of Dover-Foxcroft, Maine called White Pine Studio. If you’ve been searching for the perfect setting to capture your life’s most precious moments, express your artistic vision, or … Continued

Fun Family Photos in Maine

Fun Family Photographer in Maine! Family photos just aren’t like they used to be. Not for me anyway! Growing up, family photos meant going to the studio out of town and sitting in awkward poses on uncomfortable stools. Sitting stiff and still in front of a blank backdrop, it just never felt authentic. Family photos … Continued

Palmyra Fall Family Photoshoot

Palmyra Fall Family Photoshoot Fall is the perfect time for family photos and is why you should book your palmyra fall family photoshoot. Public locations can be hard to find sometimes, so when we got access to this private land in Palmyra, Maine I was amazed at the views and COLORS! Also, I loved that … Continued

Goose Rocks Beach Family Photography

Goose Rocks Beach Family Photography   I met the Crane family at Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport, Maine for family portraits. I had never been here before, but I will definitely be returning again very soon! There are just a few things to know before you visit this quaint little village area by the ocean, … Continued

How much does a photographer cost?

How much does a photogra-pher cost? How much does a photographer cost? You’ve probably found yourself wondering this at one point in your life or another. Maybe you are a senior getting ready to graduate from High School, and you want to know how much you need to save up or ask your parents for. … Continued

Heartwarming Maine Family Photo Session

Capture Genuine Laughter And Memories For Family Photos By Breezy Photography 11-28-21 Family Photos Do Not Need To Be Uncomfortable And Stiff I’ve been a Maine Family Photographer for over 6 years and I believe people should have professional photos done with the people they love! And often if I can say so myself. Photo … Continued

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Capturing the Moment for Brides, Mothers, Seniors, & Families

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